BTS Presents Ending Veteran Homelessness in 2015

The Point in Time count shows 155 Homeless Veterans in 2015

The total Homeless is under 2000 based on the Point in Time Report 2015

See page 46 and page 16 of the report

View the Report Here

How many veterans in Santa Cruz County are homeless as of September 1, 2015?

From the 2015 Point in Time Count we believe there are 155 homeless veterans. We estimate at any one time there can be as many as 234 based on how many individuals travel in and out of the County at any one time.

Who is managing the fulfillment of this project for housing the homeless veterans by the end of 2015 on a county and city level?

The community is working together to meet this goal. The Veterans Resource Centers of America (VRCOA) is working hard to meet this goal and reporting the efforts on the campaign for Ending Veteran Homelessness. In Santa Cruz County, the VRCOA has the Priority One Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) grant that is dedicating $3.75 million dollars over the next 3 years to End Veteran Homelessness. However, this is a community effort that involves the Homeless Action Partnership (HAP) of Santa Cruz County, the coordinating body for homeless services in Santa Cruz County.

This group is chaired by representation from the County, Julie Conway and Tony Gardner. Agencies that participate are The Homeless Services Center, HUD-VASH, 180/2020, Pajaro Valley Shelter Services, Smart Solutions, Housing Authority and other important partner agencies working together. We also work closely the Department of Health and Human Services as well as the County Veteran Services Advocate Dean Kaufman. We coordinate as part of the Mayor’s Initiative to End Veteran Homelessness. As part of the All In Strategic Plan to End Homelessness; there is a Landlord Outreach Workgroup headed by the Julie Conway, Housing Project Manager of Santa Cruz County that is working on projects to help identify more affordable housing units.

Are there any difficulties that could derail the fulfillment of the goal?

Yes, not having enough housing placements for our veterans. We need more affordable rental units preferably subsidized by HUD-VASH to help our veterans stay stably housed. Both our HUD-VASH program and we would be happy to speak to anyone who would like to learn more about the benefits of this program and housing veterans.

We would appreciate financial support as well as donations; including housewares, clothing and volunteer time at the Santa Cruz Veterans Resource Center.

We would appreciate landlords and property managers calling 831-477-7873 and letting us know of any existing vacancies.